Veerle en mama

Moeder en dochter in de zomer van 2012 in Samoëns, Frankrijk. Haar laatste vakantie inclusief chemokuur en plezier.

The night was dark when she went away, and they slept.

The night is dark now, and I call for her,
"Come back, my darling; the world is asleep;
and no one would know,
if you came for a moment
while stars are gazing at stars."

She went away when the trees were in bud
and the spring was young.

Now the flowers are in high bloom and I call,
"Come back, my darling."

"Come back, my darling,
for mother's heart is full
to the brim with love,
and if you come to snatch only one little kiss from her
no one will grudge it."

Uit The Recall - The Crescent Moon -, Rabindranath Tagore